white color prom selections with lace

To all the people ive met and made friends with traveling the U.S. the past two years, looks like my riding long distances wont happen anymore,atleast until after surgery and a 6 mos recovery.walking on this bum leg from accident getting more and more painful,acl,miniscus,tendons all torn,my foot was caught when van was flipping,(cut up my 250 dollar boots!)if i rode for 9 hrs or more sometimes 12 even 14,it bothered me, now i stop the car after 30 min and get out.cant take ... it,blows up 4x its size.my shoulder was the same way,doctors said it wasnt that bad till they opened it up"wow the whole rotator cuff was blown out"No shit!!because of my apearance i must be exaggerating,"he wants drugs"JACK ASSES.im refusing any kind of pain management,i can handle it,so i pretty much know what they will find in my knee, i know my body, turning my head still snap crackle pop going off hearing it in my ears,they say nothing to be done with that yet,gotta heal totally first,quite a few people have hit me up about when i was coming back,i felt this was easier.thanks for all the msgs,doesnt meen i dont want to keep hearing from you all,just dont know if ill make it back there,some of you got me thru really hard times on the road,miss u ladies most. thanks for everything.not all of you are public on this page,putting this on both pages white color prom selections with lace

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