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I once asked a question, "What is the greatest gift God has given to man or humanity?"The answer is CHOICE.When God created Adam, He had the power to influence the decisions of Adam for him to do His(God) will all the time,but He never did so.God gave Adam the choice to choose between what is good and bad,evil and good,but Adam made the wrong choice to eat the forbidden fruit which distance him from God.For every choice we make lies the reward either good or bad.Most often, people say, "God is punishing me for my veil deeds."I tend to disagree with that statement.God does not punish us for our evil deeds here on earth,the choices we make lies the reward, for God is too beasy blessing those who made the right choices.Has it ever occur to us that most of the successful men and women all over the world are neither christians,muslims or religious people.It is that God loves paigans more than righteous people?The answer is "NO."It is because they made the right choices.When u see a burning fire and decide to put ur hand into the fire and u end up saying God has punished me.God did not punish u,the consequence lie in the fire which was a choice made by u.When u fall for a man or woman who is beatiful,handsome,who dresses half naked,who is tall and has broad muscles then u say, "I fell because of those things.It was ur choice to fall,perhaps other people saw those things and never fell for them.When u are dating a woman or man who is never their for u, who always lie to u giving lots of escusses,who always fight with u, and then u go ahead to marry that person,after a little while of marriage life u begain to complain and to bring in a third party to resolve issues in order to save ur marriage.The truth is u made a wrong choice to get married to some one who has an ill and questionable attitude from the beginning,and u are reaping the consequence of the choice u have made.The greatest power,gift, weapon,God has given to us is CHOICE.Make the right choice and have a happy and fulfilling life. wedding dresses online china