wedding dresses for women over 40

Got fully ready for the 1st time since surgery. Trying to look better than I feel! I'm already totally wore out but we are going to run some errands prob with me in the car waiting and out to eat. Crazing some mexican food and its our little tradition. Even tho I have a horrible taste after surgery and food doesn't taste right. (Any suggestions on how to fix that part?)

Follow up appt this Wed. Slow recovery but taking it one day at a time. This may be all completely normal ... but based on what they had said my body just doesn't want to cooperate. Part of it but hoping it eases soon because my kiddos do not understand that I look normal but can't do anything. Aunt Lori James was going to paint a scar on my head to help! Might be calling ya up on that one! Breaks my heart to not be able to do what they want, especially when before I had taken those simple things for granted. Like going upstairs with them, or outside to the swing set. Heck bending over is almost impossible or extreme pressure hits. Headaches are pressure which sucks because not much relief for that. But one day at a time and I will be back running around like the crazy mom and worker I was!! wedding dresses for women over 40

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