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Hi there! Can someone here recommend a podiatrist that they really like? I am currently dealing with a strange foot issue that hasn't resolved since May. It was originally misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis, but my last podiatrist, my physical therapist, and a massage therapist have all agreed that's not what this is. I don't feel that's what it is either with the symptoms I have.

The foot issue actually started after I walked a ton after an abdominal surgery I had in May. I haven't run since before that. I've been pretty sedentary most of the summer too in hopes that it will go away, because use seems to make it worse. The problematic area is off center on the bottom of my foot, more towards the lateral/outside side of the middle of my foot. It's only on the bottom though, and the top part of my foot, side of my foot, my leg and ankle feel fine, so I don't think it's peroneal tendonitis either. It aches/burns there, and has a tendency to become inflammed and swollen for 2 weeks at at time before swelling goes away. It has seemed like it was going to heal, but 3-4 times this summer it has cycled through healing and then becoming swollen again. I usually either don't know what the triggers are, or they seem dumb. Massage causes swelling/irritation, as well as using a compression sock. wedding collections in grey or sliver

I'd like to find a new podiatrist because the last podiatrist was able to at least tell me what it's not, but she actually made my foot more irritated and for some reason wanted to keep treating me as though I have plantar fasciitis when we already determined that's not what I have. Arch support and stretching is not helping this. This appears to be something unusual or not common, so I need a podiatrist who is willing to think outside the box.