silver color wears for bridesmaid With Sequins

My 2016 wedding season officially begins today! And the icing on the cake is that Alyssa Reginella and I finally get to work together! Alyssa will become the SECOND bride of mine to become a second shooter for me. Creating friendships with my couples is so important to me, and when they expand into helping my business, it's endearing.

I took a long moment this morning to reflect and thank God for this opportunity to start on my own. Many of you know, I spent around five years ... with Brooke Courtney Photography. After 2014, we decided to move in a different direction and I took on some of my 2015 BC clients and booked a few on my own. But 2016 is the OFFICIAL start of my own business. I won't throw out numbers, because it's not about that. But I'm beyond blessed to be able to photograph so many beautiful weddings this year. Without my time with Brooke and TJ, I would never be where I am today. I wouldn't even be a photographer. I'm so thankful for all the opportunities I've been given, and I look forward to grow in the future. silver color wears for bridesmaid With Sequins

Thank you to all the couples who allow be to be part of their special day. It's an honor I can't put into words. Creating beautiful photographic heirlooms is my passion. And I'm not sure everyone who I work with really understands how much I care about their photographs. It's not about me, not about my portfolio, or getting featured on a blog. The flowers die, the food gets eaten, the dress goes into the closet. But the photographs are the only thing you can place on the walls to remind them of what should be the best day of their life.

Thank you again, to everyone who's supported me, praised me, motivated me, pushed me, and trusted me with capturing these special moments in time.

2016, let's go.

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