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Can you please post?sorry for tmi but So for the past about 4 months I've been starting either on the 5th or the 7th of each month well this past month I started on the 31st of March (already had a a period at the beg of the month) and it was a mildish one. And was drug out longer then usual. But yesterday (4/6) all a sudden I started spotting for a few hours and then it stopped.... I took a test yesterday I swear I see a VERY faint line. But my eye sight isn' ... t that swell. which could be to early. But things would kinda add up if I was. But this has never happened to me. I do have a daughter that's almost a year and a half. And with her. I mistook implantation bleeding for a mild period. And then found out like a month and a half later. And like all the signs I ignored but. Now I'm just freaking out. Yes it is a possibility. Please no rude comments. But has this happened to anyone else and you were pregnant??? I'm going to wait a bit longer and test again I just wonder if a blood test at the hospital could see even if it is early as well. Thanks in advance short mini length wear in red
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