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My name is Chebet, my friends call me Chebby.

I am the definition of a high flying career woman. I look good, I smell good. Yes, I've got them thighs, hips and my chest is mmmh mmh.

I walk and eyes listen. They pay attention to how I swing my hips. It's not that I do it deliberately, it's just who I am. How I was born.

I have a healthy self esteem. I am sexy and beautiful and I know it. I am Godly too. Yes, a woman can be Godly and still sexy.

I love to dress up. Many call me photogenic because my photos look good. My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account are full of my beautiful selfies.

In my inbox alot of men try to chat me up. Married men, single men, old men, young men. They send me messages. Some say "Hi" others "Hey beautiful", others write, "Xaxa" and I am like "What is Xaxa? I have no time for immature boys"

I love to have fun and socialize, you will find me if you look for me.

So one day I was just enjoying my me time at a Jazz event; all by myself because I love my company, then this fine looking man, dressed in khaki approaches me.

"Hi sexy" he says.

"Hi" I reply.

"Beautiful night for jazz right?" He says.

"Oh yes it is. It's cold though" I say.

"Mind a little company? Company can keep you warm. Just a friendly company" he says.

"Sure" I agree.

"My name is Kimanzi" he introduces himself.

"I am Chebet" I say as I upload a photo on Instagram.

He removes his jacket and covers my legs, "Nice legs you have. Nice curves"

"Did you give to your wife that compliment too?" I ask because I saw a wedding ring on his finger.

He covers his finger, as if in shame.

"You live around? Where do you work?" He asks ignoring my question.

"How is your wife?" I insist.

"Let's not talk about her" he says.

"No, let's talk about her. Why don't you want to talk about the woman who put that ring on your finger?" I say.

"Uuuh fiesty and stubborn you are. Such a turn on. Please don't ruin a beautiful night by bringing her into the conversation" says he.

I was put off.

I stand up. Dump his jacket on him and walk away.

"Hey, can I have your number?" He shouts.

I ignore. He ruined my night.

The next day as I was scrolling down my Facebook inbox, I decided to check my Message Request inbox- you know those inboxes we don't see because they come from people who aren't our Facebook friends?

I saw a message from a Mr. Kimanzi. Yes, that guy I met the previous night. I figured he found me on social media after he read my name when he peeped last night as I uploaded a photo on Insta.

Mr. Kimanzi explained why he was pursuing me. Something about my legs and my beauty. How I make him feel young. How his wife is giving him a hard time. How his marriage is not as great. How he hasn't stopped thinking about me. All the wrongs his wife does. How she is difficult. And how he would like to know me better.

This was my reply.

"Hello Mr. Husband. You have a family. Protect it and build it instead of bad mouthing it. Frankly speaking, I am tired of you married men who think you can play with women. I hate how your kind treats women because how you treat your wife shows how you view us women. All those bad things you've told me about your wife, go ahead and tell her and God and seek ways around handling them. You chose her, you married her. She is your responsibility no matter how she is. If she changed, perhaps you made her change. Don't propose to a woman for marriage, then as that marriage is continuing, you chase after other women. Grow up. Other women may have given you time but I want nothing to do with you. You have already shown you are not a man of honour and I only interact with men of honour. Mr. Shameful, you have a son, what are you teaching him; you have a daughter, how are you treating her based on how you treat her mother? So please, get out of my inbox and go focus on your wife and not my legs, she needs you. One day you used to ogle at her legs, those legs of hers have carried your children, served you and stood by you. Go back to your wife" sexy wedding dresses

He sent his brief reply.

"OK" he said.

That was a year ago. Today, Mr. Kimanzi sent me a message. He sent me photos of him and the wife.

"Thank you for speaking tough truth to me. You sobered me up. I did go back to my wife. We had an honest walk dealing with our issues. We ironed things out and our marriage has never been better. This is a picture of me and her taken over the weekend when we renewed our vows. Guess what, my wife is pregnant. We are pregnant. I plan on being a good father and husband. Thankyou for being the woman who refused to be used by me to wreck up my home. God bless you"

Ladies, single ladies; this is the power we have. We have the power to protect a fellow sister from pain. So the next time a married man comes to you in the name of his marriage is on the rocks, send him back to his wife.

Married women going through a stormy marriage, sorry for what you are going through, we feel your pain. I just pray that more ladies can do what I did and send your husband back to you, but even as we send your husband back to you, receive your husband and work on your marriage together.