romantic bohemian style wedding wears

Our newlyweds, Kyle Mcmillan and Jameena McMillan dropped by after they settled in from their Hawaii honeymoon. Bearing souvenirs ...I wasn't surprised by the beautiful Hawaiian shirt and dress (matching of course) or the leis or chocolate covered macadamia nuts( although the CARAMEL chocolate covered ones were a delightful surprise!). But when they presented us with the " Parents gifts " (they had forgotten to give us on their wedding day ... ) let me just say it's a good th romantic bohemian style wedding wears ... ing the gifts were delayed. ALL of my make up would have been cried off and my eyes would have been blood red had I received these treasures and sentiments of gratitude and blessings for me and Dad from our children on their wedding day. I would not have been able to pull it together and stay "beat for the gods!!" Lol Thanks Punkins!! Yep! Kyle, you're a Punkin now! Okay, okay. You can be (bo) like Jay.

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