prom party apparels look gorgeous

Okay, let's play, can't get in trouble anymore can we? LOL !!!
List 5 secrets from your teenage matter how silly:

1. Were you part of the metal nation? Yes, I had all of Kiss albums
2. Did you dress funny? Not so much funny( it was the eighties) my senior year I wore flip flops and mirrored sunglasses every day of school. I lived on the central California coast.
3. Did you have a major crush? I had a couple. But nothing truly crush worthy. I was /am a narcissist by choice. I didn't go on my first date until prom junior year. It would have cut into my surfing and nerd time prom party apparels look gorgeous
4. What would your siblings say about your younger years? I'm the oldest.
5. What was your biggest hope for the future: I wanted to be a US Navy diver (did that) and then I want to be a marine biologist. Then I saw the pay scale