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I wonder how long it will take for the Souls to WAKE UP to the fact that TRUTH is being spoken here.

I understand. I'm asleep half of the time myself. Most of the time. Why? Because I believe my negative thoughts. I do not TRUST. I doubt. I'm slowly learning how to let go. You see the problem is that I have had some powerful faith in the past, and acted in accordance with what I thought were instructions straight from GOD. But I kept falling on my face over and over and over again. So forgive me GOD for being somewhat skeptical about whether I can trust that which has regularly appeared to screw me over. I seem to recall YOU making some fairly bold promises. And I relied on them to my detriment and the detriment of my children.

I have to say that I'm pretty tired of all the ups and downs. I just want to be allowed to be myself. My full authentic self. SELF. If I achieve that, then everything else will surely fall into place.

When I had my first awakening experience 8 years ago I attended a workshop organised by an organisation called "The Oneness University". A beautiful Indian woman gave me a blessing which involved her channeling her Chi energy down through her hands into my head. While she was doing it I found myself channeling my energy upwards to envelop her. I had a vision of us in a garden together. She was a little girl in a pretty dress showing me her favourite parts of the garden. I was telling her over and over how lovely she was. The woman started to cry. I reached out my hand to touch her. She scolded me. I started to cry and said "But I just want to help". She put her hand on my shoulder and said: plus figure formal dresses with discount price

"YOU are THE ONE. YOU do what YOU want and the rest of the World will follow YOU."

I said "It's pretty lonely". She instructed me to put my right hand on my Crown Chakra to give me strength.

Why am I telling this story? To remind myself of all the evidence. Evidence Lisa. A white dove landing on Alexander's head is evidence. Pains in his palms is evidence. "Suck my thumb Jesus" was evidence. His eyes are evidence.

Oh God, here I go again suggesting that my son is the Messiah. Pleeeze. But, Lisa, who else can rule over the men? You would not trust any other Soul. Not even your Soulmate. And Jess won't want to do it. She will have bigger fish to fry.

How long will Lisa allow this post to stay public? Try to leave it here. Just try. These are just words on a computer screen. They cannot get you into trouble. Or, at least, they shouldn't.