plus figure blue wedding gown

So... was reminded earlier that, not against anyone but people often see my pictures, but don't see me. So this is a repost of what I told that person about me, about what I think about love life and all things good..... (sorry about the following novel)

There's a lot more to me than pictures. I have a love for life that grows bigger every day. I have an energy the engulfs everything around me. I take the worse and make it into "my" best all because I've already been through the worse and refuse to let that happen again. I see everyone as a different character in my chapter book life. Whether they've done me wrong, broke me heart, or been my best friend... I don't judge because regardless our past or our meeting, you have left an imprint that only you could have done on my life and that's just another puzzle piece to this story of my life. I try to live the definition of YOLO. I'm not perfect, I have bad days as well and damn, are they bad. I'm a typical women, I get moody, I try not to but at times I will get jealous, but I'm learning every day to let the little things go, and enjoy the bigger picture. I just hope people can see beyond my pictures, and get to learn my story.

I know so many amazing women that guys don't give the chance to actually get to know,but we're out there. Yeah, I love to dress up, look sexy and have a good time.. but don't get me wrong. Nothing more comfortable than a pair of converse,blue jeans, t-shirt and a hoody throwing a football around at a good backyard bonfire in the fall whilst drinking a cold beer!

I would rather find someone who I would fall in love with at their worse and grow together to build our perfect future together. I don't want someone with money, or someone who is perfect, I want someone I can build my perfect with. Someone who I can chill and make burned casserole with on a Wednesday night laughing to our sillyness and a few beers or glass of wine if we're feeling sophisticated and Rock Paper Scissors to which Netflix movie we're going to watch, and cuddle up together and watch it and fall asleep and then get carried to bed. No sex, just cuddles and all night slumbers next to my man just to roll over at 6 am to turn off the alarm and get ready for work making sure I reset the coffee pot for him when I leave. Weekends would consist and either being fashionably late to that one friends get together we promised months ago we would be at but both forgot while giggle at each other and secretly pounding it to each other under the table cloths just at the fact we even made it, or going to our local hole in the wall and kicking his butt (per usual) in pool over a couple cold ones. Promising we're going to catch that 8pm movie just to get so caught up in the game and each other that we totally miss it. Catching a tigers name APRIL IN THE D style! Beers in our bags ready to Pregame and chug those three cold ones before entering the stadium, just to go home, kick off our shoes and love each other all over again. That's they type of girl I am. I work hard, I make my own money, and I don't need no man to take care of me in that. I just want someone I can create memories, laugh with, eye roll at the in laws with when creepy uncle Harold comes over and hugs me, and someone I can shoot complete shit with come super bowl Sunday! That's me. That's who I am in and out. I know when things are great but also realize when things are bad. If I'm in a mood with my man about something stupid, I'll still pull myself together to go to a get together we promised to go to and if I catch eyes across from you in the room, I might be mad, but you'll be damned sure all I need is to look into yours for me to start smirking and just realizing regardless what happens between us, we're in "this" together. I want a best friend. Yeah, you're my lover, we have amazing chemistry and sex and omg am I attracted to you, but you come home and I take one look at you and see somethings wrong, you'll be damn sure I'm cracking two beers, sitting on the couch and asking you what the hell is wrong and who the hells ass I have to kick. My man is going to be strong and every bit the man I know he is in front of other people, but when it's just him and I, I want him to tell me everything! Lovers and best friends. Always a balance. From the words of KEVIN BACON The best advice to a long relationship is to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty! plus figure blue wedding gown