not expensive wedding collections for maternity bride

# nationalBREASTFEEDINGmonth Breastfeeding is a personal decision I make and it's a benefit for both, my baby and me. It's natural supplement for the baby that is sweet and nutritional, unlike formula. Brest milk has vitamins in it that protects the baby from illness and helps the baby grow faster, smarter, and stronger. My older kids, 15, 14, 8 hardly, if ever get sick and it is said breastfeeding reduces the chances of certain cancers; ovarian and breast. Breastfed babies normally aren't colicy and the pooh doesn't stink. Speaking of poop, I only change my baby's poopoo diapers maybe twice a day. And she doesn't have many peepee ones either. You may ask why is that or think how abnormal that sounds, well, unlike formulas, breast milk is easier to digest meaning all the good stuff goes to the baby leaving very little bad stuff to discard. Less bowel movements means less irritations to the skin; which means less chance of diaper rash. Now with breastfeeding, you of course shouldn't drink, smoke, or use drugs, and you should eat healthier. If you don't feel comfortable with pulling out a boob in public, you can always pump ahead. Breastfed baby's tend to stay fuller longer which means they can sleep longer. So, you can possibly feed the baby before going out and may not have to feed while out. I only wake up once in the night to feed my two month old and soon she will sleep the whole night through. Only con, if you consider this a con, the baby is always around you and on you... But there is a simple solution to that, you can always pump and bottle feed... I also give my newborn vitamin D drops since she needs it and very little comes from breast milk. Since she can't be in direct sun light, this helps her develop. not expensive wedding collections for maternity bride # iSupportBreastfeeding # BreastfeedingMom # augbreastfeedingmonth