not expensive prom party wears in black

Sola Lawal of ruling APC wrote and a must to read for discerning mind before making any comment

So our APC people can now see vividly.

My dear brethren, we are indeed at a critical crossroad in Osun APC. The outcome of the last Senatorial election in Osun West is a pointer to the the stark reality that indeed the party faces a bleak future except painful truths are not only said but vigorously pursued. The Osun West debacle came after the loss of Osun East ( yes, I really mean loss) in the national parliamentary general election of 2015. We all know the truth about Osun East national assembly election. None of us need being reminded that we lost two federal constituencies out of three in that election. That's the reason PDP has two House of Rep members while APC has only one in the Governor, Ogbeni Aregbesola's Senatorial district. How we came to secure the Senate there despite the loss of the Reps is a story for another day. Shortly after the general election the ruling party ,APC, was presented another opportunity to test its popularity in the bye election in Ife. That also ended in more disgrace for the APC. Apologists of the Aregbesola govt including the Governor himself explained away the Ife walloping as a function of Ifes' dislike for the progressives. Some of us openly disagreed citing sustained historical electoral behaviour of the Ifes , marked cupiously by loyalty to the progressive cause. Evidence of this fidelity runs through all elections since 1959 through 1964, 1979, 1983, 1990, 1993, 1999, 2007 and 2011 which the progressives won in the area.Please note that I left out 2003 election which the progressives lost in Ife as elsewhere in Osun state for reasons well known to all of us. Also take note of the fact that the 2011 election, conducted within four months of the Aregbesola administration was won 100% in Ife zone. The 2011 election in Ife was tellingly distinctive for two reasons. One: the disingenuously conceptualized and poorly executed policies of the Aregbesola administration both within the party and in government have not crystallized by that time. Two: No appointments have been made in the zone and elsewhere in Osun state. Subsequent elections started going wrong at a point when the horizon ought to be brighter for the party following appointments and stabilisation of the administration. Now matters have come to a head in Osun APC with the everyone-get- yours electoral shaming we suffered in Osun West. Do we really need any further proof of the truism of the wisdom of our forebears that if your neighbour relishes devouring unhealthy insects while you look the other way, you will eventually lose your sleep when the offending neighbour begins to cough? Haven't we kept quite for too long? With two senatorial districts gone to the PDP can we still manage a rescue mission for our once vibrant party destroyed by mindless executive interference and conniving leadership? My honest take is that although the party is currently in ICU , survival is still possible. It must however come through a gruesomely hard uncomfortable choices. Now before the Aregbesola administration's attack dogs come after me, it will be nice if they lend a thought to the very dark scenario of the party, its members, leaders , Ogbeni Aregbesola himself and anything associated with him in Osun in the event of APC losing the next gubernatorial election in less than a year. I don't know what you see if that happens, but I see many of us being chased out of town. I also see Ogbeni Aregbesola being probed and put on trial with the aim of humiliating him on the streets of Osun. We are therefore faced with two difficult options. I'm afraid none of them is convenient. First let us treat the one that will be very convenient for the governor. But before that we should briefly examine why we have been losing elections since 2015 ( two reps in Osun East, Ife bye election and Osun West). What I can hear Osun electorates telling us is that they are tired of Ogbeni Aregbesola. With them he has lost his once enigmatic appeal. A once bubbling bride and pride of Osun is now so much resented and derided that he is openly abused and cursed by an otherwise very meek, accommodating, understanding and fatalistic people. The situation is so bad that ( please permit my little indiscretion) if the revered Pastor Adeboye of the Redeem Church, a well loved Ifewara son, throws his hat into the ring to stand senatorial election in Ife/Ijesa , his church members in the area will not vote for him if Ogbeni mounts campaign rostrum with him. At this point every reasonable leader will know it's indeed time to quit. And quitting means escusing oneself from the people's view for a while. If APC is therefore serious about retaining power beyong 2018 in Osun , Ogbeni should not be seen by Osun people to have remotely be connected with the emergence of the party candidate. He should not even be seen to campaign for the candidate. That is the naked truth. You too can go on the streets to affirm or disproof this fact. The other option is to ignore this reasonable way out and face the grim consequence of losing the crucial election with all its attendant fallout. Say the truth, it shall set you free. not expensive prom party wears in black

I'm Sola Lawal.