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Last month of pregnancy! I spend much more time than usual resting, and I'm lifting much lighter weights, but I'm still able to get a decent amount of work in safely to maintain some baseline strength and aerobic fitness, which is healthy both for me and my growing baby! (Everyone is different in what is best for them and their pregnancy, so all pregnant people should check in regularly with their health care provider. Much of it depends on the level of exercise one was doing mother of the bride dresses with jackets ... before they got pregnant. For me, getting pregnant two weeks after the Spartan World Championships and two weeks before the Seattle Beast means my body was working out harder and longer than ever and still allowed me to get pregnant, plus I've had excellent pre-natal visits, so I have not only the green light, but I've been encouraged to do these modified workouts while truly listening to my body, though this level of work is not best for everyone.)

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