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Their once lived a dog and an elephant they both got pregnant at the same time. The dog after some few months gave birth to Six puppies, it got pregnant again and after a while gave birth to a dozen puppies. All these time the elephant had no signs of labour and this made the dog wonder if really the elephant was pregnant. The dog decided to face the elephant and inquire more about the pregnancy. The elephant answered her "you should know that whatever am carrying are not puppies but an elephant, as long as you give birth to as many puppies in a year I only give birth to a single elephant in two years time and when it touches the ground it draws attention to the world, when it walks humans stand and enjoy the beauty of the young elephant. long length bodycon prom wears look sexy
God's time is always the best. Let not the succession of ur friend annoy or disrupt your peace just wait for God's appointed time n finally when it comes it draws attention to the entire world. Blessed day