long floor-length wears for girls


How long does it take for my boobs to dry up with milk? I exclusively breast-fed my oldest for 18 months found out I was pregnant... then weaned him slowly. Our second son was breast-fed for 13 months and I just weaned him to start daycare, slowly the first week and kind of just quit cold turkey this past week!! My breasts are very full and lumpy! I've been massaging them, using cold packs... just wondering when the milk is going to dry up and it won't be as long floor-length wears for girls ... painful! Please help! I never experienced this with my first born!

Also, our oldest will be attending preschool for 4 days and then bussed to a daycare in the afternoons while I attend nursing school full-time... Does your child adjust well and easily? He's not 100% potty trained with number two but with number one he is! Worried and a little bit nervous about all these things, because he's been home with mommy for three years!! Encouragement needed please and thanks!!!!

RPB .:ash:.

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