lace fabric evening wears

*People who drink alcohol*
1. Savanna*-they think they are clever, talk too much, always wearing carvela
2. Castle lite* -dont get drunk easily, they always know where the next party is n they wont leave u till your money is finished. lace fabric evening wears
3. Heineken* -they think they are smart, but talk shit when they are drunk.
4. Hansa/Castle Lager n black label* -they hang
out with everybody, they will ask for cigarette every now n then n their money is always R2
5. Hunters dry/Gold* -dress smart, always targeting other people's partners,
6. Smirnoff storm/Spin*-always black out, they don't go out with more than R100.
7. 4th street* -always dancing, always pour themselves with wine, they love sex
8. Amarula/Strwaberry lips*-beware of them, they vomit anytime anywhere
9. Blueice, Red ice* -lol they sleep in toilets, they never want to go home, even when they are drunk
10. Hot Stuff*-too forward, they get beaten n tomorrow they don't remember anything.