junior bridesmaid wears specially for kids

OK, I am freaking out a bit here guys. I need to be talked down. My son, who is 11, is already Ana to Gluten, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nut, and Shellfish. He has been allergic to all of these since birth, except the shellfish which is the last two years. He also has EOE. He recently started experiencing itchy throat symptoms when eating certain foods, so I started keeping a food diary. It always seemed to be when he ate rice or pork. I have been asking his allergist for a test f ... or rice and pork for about a year now, and she is one of the top allergists in my city. She is very good. Anyway, she always talked me out of getting him tested for rice and pork saying that it was very rare that anyone was allergic to these foods. I finally pushed enough that he was blood tested a few days ago. Well, I got his results today and I am sitting here crying. He IS POSITIVE for pork and rice allergy and my concern now is that EVERYTHING he eats that is gluten free, is made with rice flour...his bread, his cereal, his snacks, his crackers, his desserts.......His life is already SO limited as to what he can eat, and he is already very upset that he has to deal with all of this and I don't know how I am going to break this news to him. He misses out on so much as it is, and we have modified his diet so he can eat things such as cookies, coco loco bars, rice cakes, rick crackers, etc....gluten free pizza dough....if I try to cut out everything that is made with rice flour it will take away so much of what he eats and enjoys. He seems to only get the itchy throat if he eats rice directly, such as minute rice, or wild rice or jasmine rice...but I wonder if the rice flour in all of the other products is what is making is EOE cell count so high. junior bridesmaid wears specially for kids
I honestly don't know what to do. This poor kid. Is anyone else allergic to rice or have children that are allergic to rice that can give me some information?

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