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She went inside.. It was dark and warm.. She was frightened at the sight of the operational tools, she was scared but she added a little courage.
Lie down said the doctor... And she did.. The doctor holding the poisonous syringe asked "Are you ready" as soon as she heard that word her mind triggered back to the past that she would love to change.....
Simeon, I'm not ready for this she told him but he kept on insisting "you know I love you and I'll marry you pls let's just do it once" he said. Simeon plss be gentle and they did it... After some weeks she came back to Simeon saying "I'm pregnant" what do you mean by that Simeon replied I'm not ready to be a father. Take it out,, Simeon how could you say such I might die, she replied.. That's none of my business Simeon said.....
Hello are you ready? She was finally brought back to reality at the voice of the doctor. She looked at him, touched her belly and silently said "plss forgive me". Yes I'm ready she replied... Her heart beating fast, the baby could sense danger coz his mother's heart was beating faster than usual.. Then he felt something pierced his heart,,, it was a poison and he already breathed it in.. It made him become weak,.. He could sense death coming.. The doctor was sweating, focusing his mind to kill an innocent child..... The doctor took is EMBRYOTOMY SCISSORS cutting of the boy's arm.. The pain was unbearable, it was so painful and he couldn't endure it; and he pleaded halter neck wedding bridal outfits
"Mom plss don't kill me"
"Don't take my life"
"I know u're not happy with me but I promise to be your little bunny"
"I promise to stay by your side"
"Mom plss take this pain away it hurts"
"Mom I'll always luv you, plss luv me by keeping my life"
"I know I'm a disappointment but I'll always obey you but his voice couldn't be heard.. Why? Cause he was voiceless.. His mind wandering.. As he ws promising..
The doctor stabbed his head with a perforator, it pierced through his skull...
He was seriously injured.. He kicked his leg coz the pain was just increasing. A tear of blood fell out his eyes and the destructive hook was used in snapping his neck and he breathed his last.. The doctor knowing he is dead smiled and said first part completed... But she didnt put her mind in what he said coz she was feeling pain.. she was screaming throughout the operation.. She felt like she was going to die but the doctor comforted her..
" it's time to take the baby out" said the doctor.. He took his FORCEPS and crushed the baby skull and body but the baby couldn't come out.. And so he used his DECAPITATOR and cut off the baby's head and used his PULLHEAD to take out the baby's head,, the mother was frightened at the sight of the child's head but closed her eyes and was crying bitterly for the child and the pain she was going through..
The doctor used his lab coat to clean his sweat, his hands filled with blood of an innocent child, the ruthless killing of a child who has commited no offence but as for the doctor, he was doing his job to collect his money, he had no conscience... He finally took his EMBRYOTOMY FORCEPS to take the remaining parts of the child's body...