flower girl wears in red

Cam I have a ppp - need some advice, ima currently 6 weeks pregnant (ment to be) I started getting a dull ache pain on my left side for around 5/6 days anyway the pain started getting really really bad on friday so went to the hospital they done a scan and it came back inconclusive they couldn't see anything and the lining of my womb was thing so had bloods done and they was 270, I was admitted to hospital last night as the pain got so unbareable and it still is now ima act ... ually crying with the pain they have given me oral morphine and loads of other pain killers had repeat bloods done 48 hours after and they are 651 so more than doubled but still can't see a pregnancy they said there guna leave me a week and then re scan me but I can't stay with this pain for another week I'll end up going crazy it's that bad ima struggling to walk etc. I have an appointment for an abortion on wenesday but the clinic won't see me now as the pregnancy is in an unknown location? What can I do? Any advice please I can't do this anymore. flower girl wears in red

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