fall season bridesmaid collections

Today my little girl, my sunshine, my rainbow after the rain, turns 16! Happy Birthday Sienna Rain. Until the moment I held you in my arms I never knew what true and unconditional love was! You are growing into a wonderful young women but I still see a glimmer of my little girl. The little girl who had me carry her everywhere. The little girl who made me stay awake until late in the night just because she wanted to always be the one to fall asleep first. The little girl would never sleep out and always wanted her mommy. I know times have changed and you are definitely now the last one up in the house and you're way too big for me to carry.. Believe this Sienna...I will ALWAYS carry you!! I will always be here for you! I'm so proud of you. I love you more than words could ever say. This is your year baby .. I feel it! fall season bridesmaid collections