dress used for bridesmaids and designed for proms

Some of our river sides are occupied by urban settlers, and the rivers are used as garbage dumps that can be a results of a water pollution. Water pollution can have a big impact in our community through : dress used for bridesmaids and designed for proms

-Water pollution seriously affects the ecosystem.
-Destroys life in the water based ecosystem which is polluted which in turn disrupts natural food chain.
-Aquatic life is destroyed due to the non-biodegradable pesticides and chemicals. ...
-Water pollution affects the population through diseases.
-The organisms that depend on these water bodies are in grave danger. Consumption infected fish by other animals and humans may cause serious illness.
-Water which has been contaminated by oil spills causes the death of water birds from exposure to cold and air due to feather damage.
-Water pollution causes disease like hepatitis in humans on consumption of seafood which is poisoned or contaminated.
-Drinking contaminated water causes disease like cholera, skin diseases and can also cause cancer, reproductive problems, typhoid and stomach ailments.

Possible Solutions:

Water Pollution
* Proper Sewage Treatment
* Green Agricultural Practices
* Industrial Waste Water Treatment
* Anti-pollution Laws and Policies
* Individual Efforts and Educative Campaigns

Urban Settlers
*PH Government must have a law to support our Urban Settlers such as housing loan etc...

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