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Hi! This is my story (Britt). I have had many years of elevated liver enzymes. Had gallbladder removed over 8 years ago due to the related pain. Didn't help. A couple of years ago I had an attack of pancreatitis. I thought I was having a heart attack and even called 911. Later saw another GI doctor. (I have lost count how many total prior) Had a procedure done called ERCP. Painful stents were placed for two days and got pancreatitis again from the procedure (a known ... risk). Over several months, all my liver enzymes finally got to Normal Range.

It's been a little over two years since that procedure. A few months ago, I started getting that squeeze pain again. It's constant and uncomfortable. I just couldn't imagine having the ERCP again. The dread. The risk of sedation, perforation of my GI tract, and the PAIN afterwards. I was so upset. I did our Blood Answers lab panel. I wasn't surprised to see my liver enzymes elevated as upsetting as that was. I also saw many other results that pointed me in a direction of missing supplements too. I started immediately on the supplements including liver support ones. I have noticed in the past couple of weeks, relief of the squeeze feeling. I repeated my lab work this week and today found out that ALL my liver enzymes are back within normal range. I cried when I got my report. country dresses for a wedding in western style

Without this lab work panel (far beyond anything I ever could order for my private practice patients), I would have never known. I never would have thought to look at DHEA, homocysteine levels, zinc, and vitamin Bs, just to name a few. So I can not speak well enough about our Blood Answer bloodwork. I want to shout from the rooftops that we can give you the answers you have been looking for!

Order a panel today! Our prices are soon going to be going up due to health care costs!

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