chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

Below is my store list for all of you asking! I post my meals almost daily, however it's really the same basic principals for every meal: 100-200 calories worth of meat and as many vegetables as you can eat to feel you up. I try to eat 300-400 calories per meal so at the end of the day, I haven't exceeded 1200. I'll pose some pictures of my sample meals over the years to show you how I pair everything up:) Its monotonous to an extent, but its always worked for me! and the food is delicious. chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

1 box spinach
1 box power greens
2 Fresh broccoli
3 green bell peppers
3 squash
3 Zucchini
3 cucumbers
1 cauliflower
4 avocado
4 tomato on vine
1 bag Red onions
Brussel sprouts
1 bottle Bolthouse Farms yogurt ranch dressing
4 cans sardines
4 packs tuna
1 jar pickled baby corn
1 jar artichoke hearts
1 jar chicken tikka masala sauce
Green tea bags
1 bag salmon
1 bag individual wrapped chicken breast
2 packages turkey sausage
Turkey bacon
Light string cheese
4 egg cartons
Salad toppins
Frozen steamable veggies
(Asparagus, broccoli, edamame)
Almond/cashew milk
Sugar free coffee creamer
Special K cereal (110 calories)
La croix water

Anything extra(sweets):
Halo top ice cream
Sugar free pudding
Whipped cream
Sugar free parfaits
Celery and jif whips peanut butter

Lemon pepper seasoning
Garlic mill
Pepper mill
Italian seasoning
I can't believe it's not butter spray
Olive oil