champagne flower girl dresses

1. Sun lesbian or moon lesbian Moon

2. Flannel lesbian or sweater lesbian Both

3. Curly fry lesbian or waffle fry lesbian Waffle fry

4. Thrift store lesbian or high brow lesbian I love thrift stores

5. 70’s disco lesbian or 90’s grunge lesbian 90's

6. Fat cat lesbian or hairless cat lesbian Fat cat

7. Chinese takeout lesbian or pizza delivery lesbian Both

8. Big dog lesbian or tiny dog lesbian I love doggies in general

9. MoMA lesbian or metropolitan lesbian Metropolitan

10. Matte nail lesbian or glossy nail lesbian Both

11. Red lipstick lesbian or dusty rose lesbian Dusty rose

12. Crop top lesbian or maxi dress lesbian Maxi dress

13. Neck kisses lesbian or forehead kisses lesbian Both kisses

14. Fluffy fat cat lesbian or tiny hairless cat lesbian Fluffy

15. Leather jacket lesbian or letterman jacket lesbian No jackets at all

16. Puts too much salt on food lesbian or too much pepper Neither

17. Glitter eyeshadow lesbian or matte eyeshadow lesbian Matte

18. Flower lesbian or succulent lesbian Succulent

19. Ugly cat print sweater lesbian or jean jacket that looks like it’s been through a war lesbian Jean Jacket

20. Spaghettios lesbian or Kraft dinner lesbian Ew,Spaghettios. Kraft

21. Hot chocolate lesbian or lemonade lesbian Lemonade

22. Champagne lesbian or whiskey lesbian I am a whiskey kind of girl

23. Dark aesthetic lesbian or pastel aesthetic lesbian Depends on my mood

24. Silk velvet lesbian or crushed velvet lesbian crushed velvet

25. Ball gown lesbian or tuxedo lesbian Ball gown

26. Forest lesbian or space lesbian I like being in the woods so Forest it is.

27. Lennon glasses lesbian or aviators lesbian Aviators

28. Hestia lesbian or Artemis Lesbian Hestia

29. Nose piercing lesbian or belly button piercing lesbian I actually mentioned wanting a belly ring recently,although I could rock a nose piercing. Both champagne flower girl dresses

30. Electric guitar lesbian or ukulele lesbian Electric

31. Converse lesbian or doc martens lesbian Both

32. Hayley Kiyoko lesbian or Mary Lambert lesbian Hayley

33. Olive Garden lesbian or Chiles lesbian Chiles I have eaten at more than Olive Garden

34. Tarot card lesbian or astrology lesbian Both

35. Peppermint lesbian or cinnamon lesbian Peppermint

36. Playing-with-her-hair lesbian or getting-hair-played-with lesbian Getting hair played with

37. Victim of tickle attacks lesbian or tickle attacker lesbian I am always the victim,I am quite ticklish

38. Tiny tattoo lesbian or whole sleeve of tattoos lesbian Although sleeves are sexy. I prefer tiny on me

39. Lady and the tramp lesbian or aristocats lesbian Lady and the tramp

40. Cool Rock collection lesbian or cool leaf collection lesbian Neither

41. Art hoe lesbian or music hoe lesbian Music hoe,lol

42. 80’s windbreaker lesbian or 80’s blazer lesbian Blazer

43. Mom jeans lesbian or skinny jeans lesbian Skinny jeans

44. Silver lesbian or gold lesbian Silver

45. Flower crown lesbian or snap back lesbian
Snap back for sure
46. Annie on my mind lesbian or rubyfruit jungle lesbian Annie on my mind

47. Breakfast club lesbian or princess bride lesbian Breakfast club

48. “Wanna cuddle?” Lesbian or surprise hug attack lesbian Both

49. Jupiter lesbian or Pluto lesbian Jupiter

50. Make her mixtapes lesbian or sketchbook filled with drawings of her lesbian Mix tapes for sure