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TRAILER WARS Epi 3: This week on Trailer Wars Todd ships in completely overprice South American Brazilian Cherry wood flooring for his trailer and finishes installing it, making Blaines new vinyl flooring look like trailer trash. Todd realizes he might be at a stand still after maxing his final credit card out on a new fireplace but knows he has to clinch the wars as the summer starts to come to an end. Tim can tell Todd is just about out of reach and decides to pull out the big guns and brings in the 5th wheel Big Sky Montana guest Bunkie! Todd and Blaine in disbelief that Tim may have taken the lead out of nowhere in the wars. Tim doesn't stop there though, Tim continues the beatings by dressing up as Rambo to intimidate Blaine again and it works like a charm. Blaine totally in disarray has to make a mint jubilee and drive the pontoon in circles around the lake in confusion. When Nick arrives he's juiced to see the big sky Montana unit there for him to have his way with for summers to come. With poor weather rolling in Blaine invites everyone over for Farkle and mint juleps not realizing he's actually been making mojitos the whole time. The family trickingly invites the cousin out to set Nick up with without Nick knowing. Nick takes the bate and goes for it. Nick hasn't dated a cousin since taking his cousin to prom and thinks it might be worth a second chance. Nick had been battling a nasty flu all week but although his flu seems to be gone he continues to drink the DayQuil like shots of tequila for the rest of the weekend. Nick seems to think it's therapeutic for him but the family is concerned Nick may have developed an addiction to DayQuil, but time will tell. Once Blaine composes himself after at least an hour of circles on the pontoon he throws one last ditch effort by hiring an electrician to upgrade his kitchen under lighting, no one is really impressed and Blaine mixes up another jubilee in defeat. Christian and his buddy Andre show up to surf late into the night. Andre and Christian are embarrassed for Nick how scared he is of floating on the surfboard in the dark in fear that a shark or some large fertilizer mutated fish may attack him. The family wants this Nick and cousin thing to move along as fast as possible, so they invite her parents out so they can meet Nick right away in hopes of really locking everything in for the two. As Sunday rolls around Todd and Blaine are scrambling to figure out and understand how Tim is now in the lead and how they can possibly upgrade their trailers enough with so little time left. Nick gets in his 2006 Lincoln continental and drives back to Fargo feeling on top of the world. bodycon sexy style items for prom # trailerwars # cousins # 5thwheel # Rambo