baby garments for flower girl

"I have a 6 month old son. He is my third child (first son) and we decided to leave him intact as we felt it isnt our place to alter our child's body. Well on monday I took him in because he had a pimple on the head of his penis, he got started on antibiotics for infection. It was fine yesterday. This morning I was changing him and when I retracted (we have been told to do this at least once a day to help infection) a piece of his skin came up next to the head of his penis, I ... immediately panicked! This is his foreskin still attached and its hard to describe (it almost looks like a skin tag)...anyway I made him an appointment this morning and took him in...the doctor looked at him and initially said it was a pimple and that the result of the swab from two days ago indicated staph infection but upon closer inspection he was surprised to say it was his foreskin and that it was basically "broken" off...he asked if I considered circumcision and I told him why we didn't and that my husband who is intact has never had this problem...he told me that it needs to be done and that he would get us in to see a urologist...he left the room and I broke down! There is NO education in my area on caring for an uncircumcised baby's penis! And now I feel like everything we've been doing has led us to something we wanted to avoid...any advice or anybody been through this?! Sorry its so long but we decided well before his birth that he'd be intact and have caught nothing but criticism from others and I really don't want to alter my son! Please help!" --anonymous baby garments for flower girl

**moderator note: this is not the time or place for a circ debate.**

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