Gold Prom Dresses 2020

How to tell if she's crazy or not:
1. If she drinks Hennessy, Jameson or Fireball as her go to drink, she will fight you. Govern yourself accordingly.
2. If she shaves her WHOLE eyebrows off on purpose, just so she can COLOR SOME NEW ONES ON HERSELF, be ready.
3. If the club says "Ladies free before midnight" and she gets there at 10pm be careful. Anyone that wants to be in the club before the DJ has hooked up his equipment is dangerous. And mentally unstable. Gold Prom Dresses 2020
4. If she kno ... ws all of Princess's lyrics on "Knuck If You Buck" by heart. Also watch to see if she sneaks in a gang sign when rapping.
5. If she watches any show on VH1...

Per usual, these are # justthoughts ....

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