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This is going to be a long post! I do not usually put so much personal stuff on here but today I was driving to the back to school rally for Corsicana and it just hit me: I am a teacher. I did it! I graduated from college. If you would have asked me 5 hrs ago what I would be doing I would have never in a million years thought I would have actually graduated. I was lucky to just graduate high school, let alone college. Many people do not know, but I wasn't the best student in high school. I was notorious for skipping class and being in and out of I.S.S. I skipped school so much in 9th grade that I was sent to alternative school for 6 weeks. But even that didn't open my eyes. The following year I was sent to I.S.S. 6 times in the first 6 weeks of school and I decided that I would drop out of school. The next year, which would have been my junior year, I decided I would go back but I was so far behind that they told me my best option would be to attend Success, an alternative type of school. I went and I worked my butt off and graduated early, at the age of 17.
Looking back I know what I was missing, I never once had a teacher tell me they believed in me or talked to me like I mattered. I know as a teacher that my responsibility is to teach them, but I hope I can inspire them and let them know that they are capable of anything they want to accomplish. I want them to know that I have their back and that they can lean on me when times are tough. Every child matters and every child is important.
Everyone is capable of fulfilling their dream. I did it! It's never too late to go after your dream. I was 33 yrs old with a husband and 2 children when I graduated college. You just have to start!! I was scared to death when I started college. Those that known me know that I am not the most outgoing person. I guess some would call it social anxiety. It took everything in me to go to the college and register. My husband, Jesse , seriously had to go with me because I was so scared. I made it through my first semester, barely. My second semester I had to take public speaking. I absolutely did not want to take public speaking. The first day of class the teacher wanted us to go around and say our name, where we were from and a little bit about ourselves. It came to me and I quickly introduced myself and I was so nervous that I got light-headed and the room started spinning and I felt nauseous. I seriously do not know how I made it through that class. But I did! And with every semester came new classes with new speeches and new presentation to do in front of the whole class. And each one it got easier and easier. And now here I am, a teacher!! Like I said, if you would have asked me 5 years ago if I could do it the answer would have been no. Not because I didn't think I was smart enough but because I was absolutely petrified to talk in front of people. But I knew that I was put here on this Earth to impact the lives of children. And what better way to do that than to give them the most precious gift anyone can give them, an education. DorrisWedding mother of the brides garments for a beach wedding
I also did this for my family. For my children! I wanted them to know that you can do anything you put your mind to. I wanted to give them someone to look up to. I wanted to give them a better life. I know a lot of people say teachers do not make a lot of money. But, if you are in education to make money you're in the wrong profession. You get I Education to better children's lives. Yes, teachers do not make a lot of money. But for the last 8 years I have worked in a gas station. Before attending college I had no skills or experience to really do anything else. For eight years I made,pretty much, minimum wage.
I have been with Jesse for 17 years. For 17 years he has done a fabulous job supporting me and our two beautiful children. I'm just glad that I can finally lift some of the weight off his shoulders. We have been a team for 17 years. We have supported and cheered each other on as we both follow our dreams. I am in awe everyday at how far he is come in his music career. I probably don't tell him enough how proud I am of him. And I know for a fact I have not told him enough how much I appreciate him supporting me through this journey. He has been my biggest cheerleader. He has wiped away numerous tears as I cried and said that I could not do this.
Anyways, enough with my rambling. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you have a dream you should Chase it! Stop making excuses. As Kid President would say, life is tough, but so are you.