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Mrs Adams
I wore the bullet proof vest and the fake blood all over my body.James assured me he would be following badmus every move.Then someone knocked,i knew it was Badmus,i was scared but i had to be brave.I opened the door pretending that i wasnt expecting him.When he shot me i didnt feel anything,i pretended to be in pain and fell down,then he stabbed me,fake blood was all over my clothes.I didnt feel any pain but i had to pretend i was dead.They carried me and dropped me somewhere,i thought it was all over until i saw them bringing jessica near me,she was unconcious.Then they called the police and left.Then it dawned on me that they wanted to frame my daughter for murder.I felt someone tap my shoulder,It was Joseph."please lets get out of here now,Jessica is unconcious,please lets leave".."No we cant,you still have to play dead till the police comes,Jessica has to go to jail,thats the only place her life can be secure from badmus for now,but i promise i would bring her out when the time was right"Joseph said and then he left.I played dead until the police arrived.I heard Jessica shout my name but i didn't answer,I had to protect her and myself,playing dead was the only way..Later when i was to be taken to the hospital,i escaped and joseph came just in time to pick me up. DorrisWedding apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies
I looked at the pictures of Jessica,she was a grown woman now.I couldn't wait to tell her i was alive and tell her about her father..
I was really happy,rubbing my pregnancy in Jessica's face brought joy to me.At least James would soon be mine forever.My mother suddenly walked in."Nancy please stop all this,i know James is not the father of your baby,you are turning in to a monster just like your father"she said."Mother please keep quiet and leave my room"i said shocking her.She was shocked and left.I didn't care like i used to.I was turning in to a monster because i wanted James to be mine.I didn't care,i was going to see James because he had requested to see me..
I was very nervous because i was thinking of the perfect way to break the news to Nancy.I didn't want to hurt her but i couldn't bear to lose Jessica for the second time again.I was waiting for her to come.After five minutes she walked in and sat down near me."whats so important that you want to tell me"she asked stroking my head.I removed her hand from my head and held it..."Nancy i appreciate all you have done for me, am sorry but i can no longer go on with this engagement.I wish to love you but my heart already belongs to someone else.I promise to take care of the baby but i can't marry you"..She opened her mouth wide with shock and slapped me."After all that i have done for you,who stood by you when that poor street girl left you"she yelled angrily.I couldn't speak,i knew i deserved it but i didn't know Nancy had a bad side."you will pay for all what you have done for me unless my name is not Nancy"she shouted again and she picked up her bag and left.I felt relieved of her,i felt peace.I needed to tell Jessica so that we could go back to how it used to be..
I was mad and furious as i left James house.For the first time in my life i cried my eyes out.People passing by asked me what was wrong but i shouted at them to mind their business.I quickly wiped my tears and entered the car..I drove speedily to the only place where i knew i would be comforted.I entered Frank's house but no one was around.I saw his room opened and when i entered i saw him on bed with another woman."If you don't get out of here,i would kill you"i said as i pointed my gun to the woman who ran out scared.Frank was suprised to see me."Whats wrong"he asked.."I want you to kidnap James for me"i replied coldly"..."Is that why you are like this..consider it done baby"..I smiled at frank,I was his weakness he was willing to do anything for me but i didn't love him.I was going to make James mine by force..
I woke up,bathed and got dressed very quickly in order not to be late for work.Yesterday was one of the days i would never forget.I was enjoying my sunday afternoon watching my favourite movie when Nancy walked in.Without saying a word to me..She grabbed my hair..biting my face and tore my clothes,I couldnt control my self too,I tore her clothes and gave her the beating of a life time,our fight drew the attention of everyone at the house.Edward and Joseph later managed to seperate us.Nancy walked out yelling "husband snatcher!"as she left.I got downstairs ready for breakfast when i saw Joseph smiling all to himself."why are you smiling all to yourself"i asked as i was drinking my coffee."you will soon know with time"he replied smiling again..Then his mood suddenly changed"There are some things i want to tell you Jessica but i hope when the time comes you will forgive me"he said as he stood up.I wondered what he wanted to say but i shrugged it off my mind and left for work..
I was feeling very happy and relieved as i left for work this morning.I had finally kicked Nancy out of my life even though she is the mother of my baby.I held the flowers i bought this morning and headed straight to Jessica's office.."I don't want these flowers"she said as she handed the flowers to me.I could see she was angry."i know i have made many mistakes Jessica,please forgive me"i pleaded.."Go and face your mistakes,go back to Nancy,yesterday she came to my house and almost killed me.I don't want her harming my family"she replied.I knew whatever i said would not change her mind,I dropped the flowers and left.I was not my self through out the whole day.Later after closing hours,i left the office and walked slowly thinking about my life.Suddenly i felt a hand tap my shoulder and when i looked back,i saw a huge man holding a gun,i tried to defend my self but he was surrounded by two other guys.."Move if you still want to live"the huge man said as he pushed me in to the back of a van....