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Big Daddy Jay's Salt & Vinegar French Fries

I got ahold of some seasoning from called Salt & Vinegar Wing Dust. I was really interested in this and got to brainstorming on what would be the best use of it, and I landed on french fries so here it goes.



3 large potatoes sliced into strips
1/2 gallon of peanut oil
4 teaspoons of KosmosQ Salt & Vinegar Wing Dust

Start by preheating the oil to a medium temperature, approxomitely 300 degrees. Slice the fries and soak them in water for 30 minutes. Put half the french fries in the oil and fry to a light golden brown. Remove from oil and allow to cool to room temperature, approxomitely 20 minutes. This will give you time to fry the second half. Once the fries have cooled, increase the temperature to a medium high, or approxomitely 400 degrees, to fry the second time. Fry the potatoes to a nice deep golden brown. Make sure to season the fries while hot! Season with a teaspoon on each side. Stir to evenly coat and serve. Dorris Wedding plus size formal wears for maternity brides

Well there ya go folks. These fries were amazing and would make the absolute perfect bar food, but don't take my word for it. Thanks for watching and please like and share and check out Kosmo's Q Competition BBQ Products for this seasoning, and a whole assortment of other awesome products.

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