Dorris Wedding maternity prom items for pregnant brides

So i'm 20, and 40+2 weeks pregnant. The father of my baby cheated on me the whole time i was pregnant and then walked out on me at 33 weeks. he was so awful to me-and still is. i moved back to my moms unfortunately and it's been so stressful. my mom is giving me 8 weeks until i have to go back to work, and 6 months to figure out what i want to go to school for. don't get me wrong, i'm super thankful that she'll be helping out, and sending me to school. she's just so controlli ... ng. and then i have my ex, who doesn't have a car right now, lives with his mom, and i'm not even sure if he has a job. and he tells me to **** off and that he wants nothing to do with me, but then thinks i'm gonna call him to be at the hospital with me while i'm in labor. but i know all he'll do is cause problems. also, he plans on taking me to court for half custody and he really believes he'll get her every other week AND not have to pay child support. my mom keeps telling me he's so wrong but i'm just so scared. i'm scared he'll get more time than i'm comfortable with, and i'm scared to have to send her off when he'll get overnights. I do plan on breastfeeding, which i hope means the overnight stays will be pushed back awhile. are there any mamas in a similar position, who have had to do the child support/custody process right when you have the baby? also, how did it work? Dorris Wedding maternity prom items for pregnant brides

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