Champagne Prom Dresses 2020

So none of my friends make the same mistake ... DO NOT EVER book a limo with Edmontons Best Limo and/or Hot Rod Promotions - Rodney Dawe

He "did not have any paperwork for my booking" for my wedding this past weekend. He did not have a limo for me so he said he would figure it out. We had booked a party bus as our bridal party was quite large. He said he would send a hummer limo or a party bus. We got neither.
I gave him very specific direction to put pick up location... the ... driver who came went to the wrong place so we were 25 minutes late.
He was not helpful, I had a bridesmaid walking out with the box of bouquets and they to hold up her dress as it was raining. He stood there and stared at her until I asked him to help. He did not help any of us into the car.
He could not get the air conditioning to work and kept yelling saying we could do it when there was only a dial that said high med low and it was blowing hot air. He stopped and come back there and unrolled a window... we had just all gotten our hair done so that was not going to do. Champagne Prom Dresses 2020
Then worst of all he had to cross the yellowhead highway outside of the city so vehicles are going 110 km + he BARELY made it across. A semi dump truck had to SLAM on his breaks to not hit us. I started to cry because it looked like he we were going to get hit.
So once we got to our ceremony location we sent him home. Not one thing had gone right and almost getting hit by a semi was the last straw.
Now Hot Rods is taking no blame for any of this and will not even answer my phone calls. Yes this may be a fluke and I just got the one bad time he's given bad service. But he is not doing anything at all to try to make this up to us.
Good customer service is giving your customers great service in the good and the bad times. So if you're the next one he gives his bad service to, beware.

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